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An anthem for hope – The Hindu

Composer Rohit Gopalakrishnan’s track on COVID-19 is a tribute to the spirit of mankind

‘Maranthu Pogum…’ is an ode to the undying human spirit, of hope and of better days to come.

The Tamil song and its Malayalam version, ‘Nilkam Thalarathe…’, released on YouTube during the lockdown was a way to tell the world that this too shall pass, says its composer Rohit Gopalakrishnan.

“We have so many people out there still fighting the pandemic. The song is a tribute to them. It is also aimed at creating awareness on the need to support one another during times such as this,” he says.

The Chennai-based composer, who was assisting music director Jakes Bejoy, has launched his independent career. Even as he did his sound engineering course in SAE, Chennai, and later pursued his Master’s in London, Rohit’s heart was set on making his own music.

He worked as a full-time assistant to the composer for over one-and-a-half years. “It helped me understand the way the industry works; I also learnt film music better,” says Rohit, who dreams of making a name for himself in film music.

Rohit’s cover version of Alai Payuthey…, titled ‘Open Your Eyes’, gives the much-loved Carnatic composition a new electro twist. Fusing the new beats seamlessly with the original melody, he takes the song through a different trajectory. Singer Yazin Nizar’s voice suits the mood, while the animated video engrosses the viewer. The track, released in January, has been receiving encouraging feedback, says Rohit.

He experiments with orchestral music, EDM and hip hop. “I am a self-taught musician. I like experimenting with sounds,” says the AR Rahman fan. “I listen to music of all genres. Of late, I am listening to a lot of international tracks,” he says.

His ‘Open Your Wings’, a Malayalm-Tamil hip-hop track, against rape and child abuse, was released recently. Rohit is also working on a few short films, independent videos, advertisements and singles. His work is available across audio platforms and on YouTube. “The times have changed. Younger musicians who are starting out have so many platforms to showcase their talent. It is about how we use them,” he signs off.

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