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Kannada film 777 Charlie traces the bond between a man and his dog

Director Kiran Raj will release the teaser on June 6, coinciding with Kannada actor Rakshit Shetty’s birthday

Kiran Raj has announced that the teaser of 777 Charlie will be released on June 6, to coincide with actor Rakshit Shetty’s birthday. The teaser will be released in five languages — Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam. The film is produced by Rakshit’s Paramvah Studios.

Tamil actor Bobby Simha makes his Kannada film debut in 777 Charlie that will also feature Sangeetha Shringeri, Danish Sait and Raj B Shetty.

777 Charlie has been in the making for a long time. “I started work on it in 2017. It was taken five years of my time and three of Rakshit’s.” Kiran makes his directorial début with this film. “It has been a long journey. The script demanded that kind of a preparation. A dog, named Charlie, plays an extremely important role in the film and we had to cover its journey from pup to adult. We got a pup, which unfortunately grew at a faster rate than we could shoot. In fact, the pup is also named Charlie in real life. We put her in training for the later shoots and got another pup to complete the initial shoot. The pandemic and lockdown also contributed to the delay.”

Kiran says the film explores the bond between a human being and his dog. “The teaser will reveal how crucial Charlie is to the film. We had a dedicated trainer to ensure that Charlie behaved as naturally as possible. We could not shoot for long hours as Charlie would get distracted easily. We had to make sure she was comfortable on sets and was not stressed by the number of people on set. We did not want to use VFX as we wanted to capture the Charlie’s natural expression.”

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