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VHP slams former Karnataka CM HD Kumaraswamy over Ram Temple remark, calls tweet ‘highly irresponsible’

The Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP) on Tuesday slammed former Karnataka chief minister HD Kumaraswamy over his remark on the Ram Temple in Ayodhya, adding that his tweet is ‘highly irresponsible’. Kumaraswamy had on Monday accused the RSS of marking houses of those who gave donations for Ram Temple in Ayodhya and alleged it was similar to what the Nazis did in Germany.

In a statement, the VHP stated, “It happens to be a highly irresponsible tweet coming in from the former Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy on Sri Ram Mandir Nidhi Samarpana Abhiyan. The volunteers of various organisations including VHP are reaching out to all.”

“The volunteers do not even demand money from people and the outreach is merely to enable the whole country take part in the contributions as everyone believes strongly that Sri Ram is the identity of Bharat and one would want to emulate Prabhu Sri Ram’s ideals in life. Former CM doesn’t even check facts nor provide one before making remarks VHP takes serious note of baseless allegations made by an individual who held the highest office of the state,” further added the statement.

It also added, “The VHP also condemns Kumaraswamy’s statement for making unwarranted remarks on the patriotic organization RSS VHP also expresses concern over degradation in public discourse coming from a former CM.”

In a series of tweets, the JD(S) leader claimed that the RSS was born in India around the time the Nazi Party was founded in Germany. “It appears that those collecting donations for the construction of Ram Mandir have been separately marking the houses of those who paid money and those who did not. This is similar to what Nazis did in Germany during the regime of Hitler when lakhs of people lost their lives,” Kumaraswamy tweeted. He wondered where these developments would take the country to.

Quoting historians, Kumaraswamy claimed RSS took birth at the same time when the Nazi Party was founded in Germany. “There are concerns on what will happen if the RSS tries to implement similar policies adopted by Nazis. The fundamental rights of people are being snatched away in the country now,” the former Chief Minister alleged. He claimed there was an undeclared emergency in the country as people cannot freely express their views.

Expressing his apprehensions about the media’s independence in the coming days, the JD(S) leader said what will happen if the media upheld the government’s views. “It is clear from the emerging trends that anything may happen in the country,” the former Chief Minister stated.

Earlier, the RSS dismissed the allegations, saying they do not qualify for any response. RSS media-in charge E S Pradeep said, “Kumaraswamy’s comments do not qualify for any response.”

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